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How to Sell Your Used IT Equipment

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Contact us today if you have new, used, unused, surplus or unopened IT equipment for sale. We will get back to you right away. We pick up and pay for shipping.


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Since 2008, Shockwave has worked with companies across the world regarding their used IT equipment needs. We are a serious buyer of used IT Systems. Transactions are easy and  satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact Shockwave today.

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Sell Used Servers

Buy, lease or rent refurbished IT Systems. Most brands available.

Used Servers

  We Are Used Server Buyers - Most Models  

Cisco UCS Servers   Dell EMC Servers   HP Servers   IBM Servers   Oracle Servers

Lenovo Servers   Penguin Servers   Quanta Servers   Supermicro Servers

Sell Used Servers
We purchase all major brands of used enterprise servers to include Cisco, Dell EMC, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Oracle, Penguin, Quanta and Supermicro. Please provide full details (including quantity, processors, disk memory, etc) along with your contact information and where the equipment is located. If your hardware has value, we will get back to you quickly with a purchase quote.

Used Server Buyers
We sell a full range of used servers for just about any requirement you may have. Refurbished servers give you the same performance as new equipment at a significant cost savings. Ask about our leasing/rental plans and third party maintenance. All servers sold are bench tested and is delivered with a warranty.

Server Leasing and Rentals Available
Take advantage of our IT Equipment Leasing options to avoid tying up your cash. For your short term needs, check out our IT Equipment Rentals program.

Used Servers for Sale

Cisco UCS Servers    Dell EMC Servers    HP Servers    IBM Servers    Oracle Servers

Lenovo Servers    Penguin Servers    Quanta Servers    Supermicro Servers

Used Server Pricing
Availability changes daily so we do not post prices for refurbished servers. Most configurations are available and our prices are highly competitive.

Easy Transactions with Shockwave Solutions
Whether you want to sell used servers, purchase refurbished servers or want to know more about leasing, rentals or maintenance, Contact us today.

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