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For over 10 years, we have helped companies across the country with their IT equipment and 3rd party maintenance needs. All transactions are easy and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact Shockwave today.



Secure Data Erasure Services

We perform 100% data wiping to NIST guidelines.

Data Erasure Wiping Services

Our Data Wiping Service Protects Your Sensitive Data

It is critical for every company to ensure that its proprietary data, confidential information and intellectual property is never compromised. Our data erasure service  process ensures that no information contained on the wiped disks is retrievable by any means. Our final quality control process guarantees that all data has been 100% erased.

Data Erasure Service Guarantees Destruction

Our data wiping service conforms to NIST guidelines (supersedes DoD standards). All drive sectors are 100% overwritten. If sectors are damaged and can't be overwritten, the disk is shredded. You can rely on our data wiping service to safely destroy all the data.

Certificate of Data Erasure

After we perform your data wiping service, we will provide you with a Certificate of Data Erasure (CoDE) and Drive Status Report upon final processing. This is your assurance that data erasure has been performed to NIST 800-88 guidelines.

NIST Standards Guidelines

If your organization is making hardware disposition decisions and looking for company to handle your data wiping, it is important to understand the proper NIST standards before moving forward.

In 2014, the Department of Defense (DoD) adopted NIST’s Risk Management Framework standards in place of their own standards. The decision to move to NIST standards would allow the Department of Defense to align with civilian agencies so that all IT systems would comply with the same risk management standards for data wiping. NIST 800-88 has become the accepted guidelines for media disposal, sanitization and data erasure compliance, and ensure government entities are aligned with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). NIST 800-88 consists of several sections and appendices that present proper process flows for data wiping, common techniques, and resources that all government entities can adhere to for their data centers.

Sell Your Storage Disks

After our data erasure service is performed, we can buy your used HDD hard drives and SSD solid state drives in good working condition. Just email complete details and we will get back to you with a fair market offer. By supplying us with as much detail as you can, you are assured of realizing top dollar for your used drives. Contact us today for more information about our data wiping service. 

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