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Sell Used HP Integrity Servers

Buy, lease or rent refurbished HPE Systems. Most models available.
Specializing in used HPE (HP Enterprise) IT equipment.

Used HP Integrity Servers

Sell Used HP Integrity Servers
We buy used equipment in good working and cosmetic condition. Just email complete details about your used systems and we will get back to you with a fair market offer. Be sure to include your name, company (if any), phone number and location of the equipment. By supplying us with as much detail as you can, you are assured of realizing top dollar for your used equipment.

Buy HP Integrity at Excellent Savings
Refurbished hardware offers the exact same performance as brand new equipment, at a big cost savings to you. We offer a wide range of used systems for your computing needs. All refurbished used HP Integrity is fully tested and come with a specified warranty.

HPE Leasing and Rentals
Take advantage of our IT Equipment Leasing options to avoid tying up your cash. For your short term needs, check out our IT Equipment Rentals program.

Refurbished Used HP Integrity Servers
When you need continuous computing for operational workloads that are vital to the enterprise, the HP Integrity servers are your solution. These servers maximize uptime of your critical applications, and offer stability and predictable performance. The HP Integrity rack-mount server line-up includes entry-class and mid-range options. HP Integrity servers allow ease of system management, reduce energy costs by up to 25%, and lower the total cost of ownership. It offers 2.5 times the compute density compared to traditional rack-mount servers.

HP Integrity Servers - All models
     Includes Rx2600 Series, Rx2800 Series, Rx1600 Series
     Includes Gen8, Gen9, Gen10 Series

HP Integrity Blade Servers - All models

HP Superdome 2 Servers - All models

HP RP Series Servers - All models

This is a partial listing. Many other models are available now.

HP Integrity Server Pricing
Availability changes daily so we do not post prices for refurbished HP Integrity servers or other used HP equipment. Most HP server configurations are available. Our prices are very competitive.

Easy Transactions with Shockwave Solutions
Whether you want to sell your used system, buy replacement equipment or are interested in leasing or rentals, we make your transactions quick and easy. Contact us today.


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