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Brocade Maintenance
Third Party Maintenance Service

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Big Savings on Brocade Maintenance
You can get a very cost effective service option for Brocade maintenance. Responsive support, skilled engineers and competitive prices are the key reasons to consider Brocade third party maintenance service. Comprehensive support and maintenance of your Brocade data processing systems at a fraction of the original manufacturer's costs.

Why Brocade Third Party Maintenance is Right for You
For IT departments one of the easiest areas to cut costs is with a third party Brocade maintenance agreement. Depending upon your company size and industry, studies indicate that up to 70% of your IT budget is spent on Brocade maintenance and support, making it a target for budget cuts. Instead of cutting out support contracts and leaving your business exposed, consider a Brocade maintenance plan that can save you up to 40% in ongoing Brocade maintenance costs while keeping service levels agreements (SLAS) the same, if not improving them.

Paying for only what you need is what we offer with our customizable Brocade contracts. With most OEMs and most third party Brocade maintenance companies, you must pick a base contract that might not fit your needs, leaving you with costly fees to add on SLAS or upgrade certain items to get what you need. We don't force you to pick from several canned packages. With our truly customizable Brocade maintenance contracts, you simply select the things you want and we build the contract to fit your needs.

Low Risk / High efficiency
You will receive service that is equal to what you would get from Brocade. Our engineers are required to take the same tests and achieve the same certifications that the OEM engineers are required to have. Our engineers have expert level certifications that only hundreds of people in the world hold. Your systems will be safe and secure.

Service 24 / 7 / 365
We provide 24 hour service every day for your Brocade maintenance. In the event of a failure, a trained engineer is dispatched to the customer site unless the problem can be resolved remotely.
A large selection of Brocade parts and systems to meet our customers' growth requirements. Whether upgrading existing equipment or adding additional equipment, we can help.

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Brocade Third Party Maintenance

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